Timber City West

Timber neighborhoods are in development in many countries but not yet the U.S. We think the U.S. West Coast is an ideal region for timber cities and neighborhoods. Let's develop a plan to build the first one - and then scale!

Existing timber neighborhoods/cities in development:

Canada: Quayside in Toronto. In addition to using mass timber on multiple campuses, Google Sidewalk is leading this development as prototype for cities around the world. More info: Masterplan, Sidewalk's PMX System, How to reach 35 stories, Mass Timber DfMA.
Japan: Toyota is developing an innovation city of mass timber by designed by BIG
Sweden: Masthamnen in Stockholm by Anders Berensson Architects
Denmark: A 7,000 unity neighborhood in Copenhagen designed by Henning Larsen
France: All new public buildings in Paris must be at least 50% wood by 2022.
Australia: A $100 million mass timber building anchors Victoria's $5 billion La Trobe University Campus plan to build a University City of the Future.

Mass Timber Passive House

Mass Timber buildings constructed to passive house standards are an ideal combination for extremely green wooden cities (Google Sidewalk also selected this combination for their Toronto project). There are still only a few buildings in North America constructed from mass timber to this standard - one is a home we fabricated in West Vancouver. Teams with passive house and mass timber experience would be perfect.

Off Grid Mass Timber Homes

 Digitally Fabricated Mass Timber is very efficient and ideal for off grid, green building and for construction in remote areas with short buildings seasons like ski resorts or islands. Explore mass timber design for off grid living.

Propose Your Own Hack!

Based on our experience organizing 43 AEC Hackathons, we expect most people will build their own teams and develop their own Hack project at the event. We highly encourage you to do so and look forward to seeing what your team creates.

Proposed Hack Challenges

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